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Dr. Lata Dhir

Entrepreneur and Counsellor

Managing Burnout

Handling Feedback

Fear of Failure

Pratima Havaldar

NGO Builder and Mentor


Workplace Dynamics

Founder Issues

Dr. Dwarika Uniyal

Serial Education Entrepreneur

Managing Uncertainity

Work Life balance

Building Creativity

Mark Sirkin

Family business advisor

Family Business

Peak Productivity



Tech Entrepreneur 

Handling Setbacks

Mindset Growth

Mentoring Teams

Naveen Prasad

Serial Entrepreneur & Investor

Surviving a Merger

Building Startup Team

Fostering a Culture

Pratik Renuse

Solopreneur and Advisor

Stress and Anxiety

Remote Work

Handling Failures

Harsha Jagasia

Co-Founder & CEO at Fyppit

Women entrepreneurs

Postpartum Transition

Gender Roles

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Nest about?

Nest is a mental well-being platform where you can have 1 to 1 conversations with a mentor at your comfort on topics related to mental wellbeing

Why do mentors have free calls?

Nest is a give first platform where each mentor & expert wants to give back and help people. The whole community exists to help each other and the impact created as a result of it is priceless.

Will mentors use the calls for pitching or selling me?

We personally vet each and every mentor or expert who's on the platform, and can assure that in any conversation, you would never be pitched or upsell. Everyone here genuinely wants to help.

How can I join to become a mentor?

We have a strong vetting process, and thus the best way would be to reach out to us on hello@joinnest.io


We are not a medical service or suicide prevention helpline. If you are feeling suicidal, we would suggest you immediately call up a suicide prevention helpline - eg Vandrevala Foundation Helpline - 1 860 266 2345 (24x7), Aasra - +91 22 2754 6669 (24x7)..

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Schedule session with Dr. Lata Dhir

Dr. Lata Dhir

Entrepreneur and Counsellor

About me

I’m passionate about creating psychological safe spaces for nurturing mental wellbeing. 

I’m a licensed Psychologist from the Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI) and a member of American Psychological Association (APA).

I design and deliver Management Development Programs on leadership, self-awareness, interpersonal dynamics team building for corporates in India and abroad.

My entrepreneurial experience

I conceptualised and created Vishwas, an initiative to nurture mental wellbeing for over 2000 management students in India's leading management institution: SPJIMR, Mumbai.

I've created and designed programs for universities on leadership, self-awareness and interpersonal dynamics.

Reach out to me for

Managing burnout

Giving and receiving effective feedback in a team

Dealing with the fear of failure

 I can share how I conquered

Work Life balance

Stress and anxiety in early stages of product creation

Leading a team and keeping their morale high through ups and downs

Schedule session with Umesh Dhand

Umesh Dhand

Mentor and Consultant


"I’m an Academician, Consultant & Entrepreneur. I have over 20 years of experience across industries like Fashion, FMCG, E-commerce & retail. My previous assignments include the Aditya Birla Group where I was the General Manager – Merchandising (FMCG) managing 350 super & hypermarkets and later the Head of Capability Building. Prior to that, I was with Shoppers’ Stop where I headed several categories like luxury goods (beauty, jewelry, watches, mobiles & accessories), formal wear, fashion wear & my own label for 25 department stores. I started my career with Burlington Mafatlal and was the regional manager and Key Account Manager for the top 10 accounts like Levis, Pepe, Wrangler. I have attended prestigious training programs like Strategic Retail Management Program by IGDS, Zurich, Creative Thinking by Edward De Bono, Tools for Angel Investing, London Business School to name a few. I’m passionate about facilitating leadership & consulting. In addition to being an Independent Consultant, I’m an Adjunct faculty at SPJIMR. I’ve spoken in industry forums like All India Retail Summit & facilitated leadership & managerial workshops at Retailers Association of India. I have been on the jury panel of Start-Up events like Ideathon, TechHunt and the National Competition of Best Practices on ‘Making Quality Happen’ held by the Indian Merchant Chambers. I’ve had engagements with Family Managed Businesses, SMEs, and large organizations like TCS, Vodafone, Nielsen, Siemens, Merck-Millipore, Joyallukas, Amdocs, Sanofi Aventis, Engro Foods and companies in international markets like Singapore, Bangkok, Jakarta, Dubai, Cairo etc. I’ve addressed participants from UK Trade Invest, Michigan State University, Tel Aviv University, EBS Germany. Besides working I love cooking & adventure sports like trekking, rappelling, rock climbing & rafting. I’ve trekked in the Himalayas, Leh-Ladakh, Sahyadris & Nepal. I’m an avid learner & practitioner of Yoga. "


 Facilitating leadership

 Promoting work-life balance

 Balancing intertwined personal & professional relationships

Schedule session with Dr. Dwarika Uniyal

Dr. Dwarika Uniyal

Serial Education Entrepreneur


"A poet at heart and a Business School DEAN, I live a double life as a Creative Advertising Professional.

I’ve also served as a Professor of Management in India's premier Academy LBSNAA, Mussoriee to train India's Civil Servants.

I also serve on the advisory boards of social and commercial enterprises like SDCUK, Project FUEL, Venture Garage, Little Local, Himalaya2Home to name a few. 


My entrepreneurial experience

I’m a serial Education Entrepreneur, having worked towards many startup institutions as part of the founding team like SP Jain Global- Dubai, Chitkara University- Himachal Pradesh, O P JINDAL University- Sonepat and IIM Kashipur.

Reach out to me for

 Dealing with uncertainit

 Building academic institutions and programs

 Work-life balance

I can share how I conquered

Juggling multiple career pursuits

Work and life balance

Preventing burnout and leading organisations

Schedule session with Mark Sirkin

Mark Sirkin

Family business entrepreneur and advisor


I’m an expert on families, families in business, and work-life balance. As a business consultant, I have worked for several large consulting firms throughout my career including RHR International, Hay Group (now part of Korn Ferry), and Hildebrandt (now owned by Thomson Reuters).

I’m a senior/board level advisor to several companies including Buddha Booths, Assured Cyber Protection, and the Mediscan/Gamayan family of companies.

I’ve taught at the graduate level at the University of Rochester, CUNY, and  NYU


My entrepreneurial experience

I was CEO of a human capital consultancy which was eventually sold to BNA, now part of Bloomberg LLP. 

Currently, I manage my own consultancy, Sirkin Advisors, a management consulting firm specializing in executive development, coaching, and organizational change

Reach out to me for

 Anxiety in managing family businesses

 Family dynamics in business

 Consulting career and entrepreneurship stress

I can share how I conquered

Career change

Managing family businesses

Organizational change

Schedule session with Dr. Sumita Datta

Dr. Sumita Datta

Academician and Leadership Coach


"I’m a Professor (Adjunct) and Advisor - Women Leadership Program at S.P. Jain Institute of Management & Research, Mumbai. A Post Graduate in Personnel Management & Industrial Relations from XLRI Jamshedpur (1992) with academic Concentration in Organization Behavior, I received my PhD. from IIT Bombay in 2010. I’m a certified MBTI, Saville, EQi 2.0 and NLP Practitioner. Alongside I’m a certified Integral Coach of New Ventures West, USA and Associate Certified Coach from ICF. Prior to joining academics in 2009, I had a full time corporate experience of more than 15 years since 1992 during which I served as an HR Manager-Eveready Industries and Head HR- Corporate Centre, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. Since 2005, I have been actively engaged in consulting medium and large sized companies primarily in the areas of corporate restructuring, talent management, learning & leadership development. I headed the Learning and Leadership Development function of Siemens (South Asia). In 2015, I founded Bridgit Nterprise LLP, an OD Consulting, Leadership Development, Assessment and Coaching organization. With special interest in enriching the role of women in the workplace, I championed the first of its kind full-time MBA program for qualified and experienced women who have taken a break, to help them return to their corporate careers. I also curated women leadership development programs in large corporations as well as coached more than 100 women entrepreneurs and corporate leaders."


 Women leadership

Navigating gender biased work environment

Returning to corporate career after a career break

Schedule session with Simrat Rana

Simrat Rana

Psychologist and Counsellor


I have over 35 years of teaching experience at graduate and post graduate level with a Masters and M Phil. in Psychology. I hold a diploma in Guidance & Counselling and have specialized in Child Development in the USA. Besides years of work in academics, I am an effective counsellor predominantly to young students. I also conduct personality development workshops and provide mentoring to students of counselling training programs.


Dealing with imposter syndrome

Child development


Schedule session with Sheela Hobden

Sheela Hobden

Wellbeing Expert and Facilitator


"Hi, my name is Sheela Hobden and I am an expert Coach who successfully helps people give as much attention to themselves as to those they serve (business or personal!). My style is challenging yet supportive, holding a safe space for you to explore your conundrums and secure the path onwards & upwards. People who work with me culminate with greater clarity, potential, purpose, and passion in their careers as well as at home. With a boost in confidence, professional growth & an optimised work-life balance, one is able to transcend the limits of a monotonous state of mind and hence find answers to be able to prioritise self-care. True leaders inspire excellence and grow themselves, their families, and organisations in which they operate. Over my years of coaching, I have been able to help people develop a positive outlook, gain a better sense of control, improve their boundaries between work and home as well as take on more activities and peacefully sleep better hence ensuring a promoted sense of well-being. My credentials include PCC (Professional Certified Coach) membership of the International Coaching Federation, endorsed WRAW (Workplace Resilience And Wellbeing) practitioner, whilst also being fully CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel Development) qualified. Designing and facilitating evidence based, innovative programmes I provide one to one and group sessions. My extensive corporate background and recent programmes with proven results have been in healthcare settings. I have a unique & creative style of coaching which makes me stand out from the crowd. On top of helping smart people like you get ahead of the game, as a Mentor Coach; I also partner with other coaches to sharpen their skills, grow the profession, and am the Lead for Coach Supervision with The Joyful Doctor. Video bio: https://youtu.be/-POZteGcbaw What to expect in coaching: https://youtu.be/ccFOmLFxGsA "


Peacefully sleep better by maintaining work and life boundaries

Build clarity in career path

Prioritising self care with career

Schedule session with Prem Prakash

 Prem Prakash

Yoga Scientist & Wellness coach


"I’m a senior yoga teacher and therapist at Vyasa Yoga School, Singapore and I regularly conduct public programs in the area of wellness. Some of the programs conducted are Science of Wellness, Holistic Wellness, Mind Wellness, Prevention & Mitigation of Life-style Diseases, Holistic Yoga & Science of Pranayam, Dental Care and Eye Care. I’m a firm believer and passionate practitioner of Yoga Science based on Patanjali Yoga Sutra and present scientific explanations about the same in my workshops. I've been in the field of Yoga & Wellness for the last 12 years and am a certified yoga instructor and yoga therapist from Svyasa Yoga University, Bangalore, India. Alongside, I’m a gold medallist in engineering from Delhi University (DCE) and completed my MBA (PT) from FMS. I'm also a qualified Cost & Management accountant from ICMA, India and a certified Project Management Professional from PMI-USA. I’ve worked with and held senior and top management positions in organisations like Escorts, EIL, TCS in India and CK Tang, Computer Associates, Vmoksha, iFlex, Retive and Inventrik, Singapore, in the fields of engineering design, management consulting, software consulting, solutions, development & maintenance for the last 46 years. Currently I'm the CEO of Inventrik Pte Ltd., Singapore. On account of extensive travelling I've had several opportunities of interacting with and leading multi-racial and multinational teams including Indians, Chinese, Japanese, Australians, New-Zealanders, Arabians, Europeans and Americans. This enabled me to learn differing social and cultural aspects of human motivation and performance."


Prevention and mitigation of lifestyle related diseases

Exercises and yoga for the mind

Leading multinational and multicultural teams

Schedule session with Pratima Havaldar

Pratima Havaldar

NGO builder and Mentor


"I’m a practicing psychologist and counselor working in the field of Applied Psychology since the past four decades. 

Not only do I choose to work on relationships within organizations but I am also keenly interested in relational ties within the family, be it couples or parent-child relationships.

My ability to reach and connect with people eases the path of resolving human blocks within interpersonal and professional arenas. 


My entrepreneurial experience

I was instrumental in setting up a Psychological Unit as a Deputy Director of Psychological Services with the Ministry of Community Development in Singapore. 

I've built various governmental and non-governmental units on mental wellbeing to foster an environment of personal growth in different areas of life.

Reach out to me for

Problems in personal and professional relationships

Relationship dynamics in organisations

Building relation ties in family, be it couples or parent-child relationships

 I can share how I conquered

Gender bias

Professional relationship challenges

Dealing with governmental and non-governmental representatives

Schedule session with Naveen Prasad

 Naveen Prasad

Serial Entrepreneur & Investor


"Group Agilis's Founder & CEO, I’m an investment banking and technology innovator, having catapulted Agilis from an idea to 8 digit  GTV.

Under my supervision, the firm currently manages over €3Billion in mandated transactions, spanning across the globe.

 I’m also an active early stage investor, investing and advising startups, and actively mentor startups in venture programs such as EIT, Cocoon & Startupbootcamp."


My entrepreneurial experience

My story in capital raising has been featured in publications such as TechCrunch, Business Insider, Berlin valley, etc. Prior to Agilis, I was part of the founding team at Finiata (7 digit seed funding, 8 digit refinancing line). Previously, I founded MinRP.com (exited). 

I Played a pivotal role in closing a US$103 million Series C funding round

Reach out to me for

Surviving a merger or acquisition

Building an effective startup team

Fostering a culture in an organisation

I can share how I conquered

Self belief

Preventing burnout

Building ventures in multiple geographies

Schedule session with Pratik Renuse

Pratik Renuse

D2C Marketing Leader and Mentor at Techstars


"Over the last decade of working on several projects with several companies and at several geographies, I have realised that I thrive in the ""0 to 1"" environment; of building something from nothing. 

I advise and mentor C level executives of successfully funded startups across the USA, EU, Asia, and Africa; on building their startups to scaleups. 


My entrepreneurial experience

Following are a few ventures, where I helped build from ground zero:

- A startup named Infento in Amsterdam from 0 to 8 figures in online D2C sales

- 2018's leading Kickstarter campaign in STEM category from idea to success

- Bayer's premier senior executives global event from scratch to deploying a €250K budget

Reach out to me for

Navigating self doubt

Uncertainity in career

Handling failures and setbacks

I can share how I conquered

Building a career and startups in Europe as an Indian

Self belief

Prioritising family and startups

Schedule session with Harsha Jagasia

 Harsha Jagasia

Startup Innovation Specialist


Hello, I am Harsha, an entrepreneur and startup innovation specialist based in Berlin, Germany. I am a strong advocate for sustainability and empowering women at the workplace. 

If my journey sounds relatable and you're looking to share your experience/situation to a sympathetic ear, I offer you a safe, non judgemental space.


My entrepreneurial experience

I'm an Ex Founder of a Quick Commerce startup, and steered Startupbootcamp in Berlin.  

My entrepreneurship journey was covered by YourStory and other publications. Currently I head the Impact Hub in Berlin, Germany.

Reach out to me for

Workspace transition

Postpartum transition to work

Creating a family and transitioning into a working entrepreneur

I can share how I conquered

High pressure jobs

Moving overseas

Gender biased environment

Schedule session with Dr. Tamara White

 Dr. Tamara White

Physician and Transformational Coach


"Hello, I am Tamara. I am a doctor with over 10 years of medical experience, specialising in psychiatry and psychotherapy. After obtaining my MD degree in 2007, my pursuit of understanding illness and health, and my longstanding passion for improving peoples’ lives and curing pain took me on a path from clinical medicine to completing a PhD in Immunology, studying the impact different stressors have on our body and it's autoimmunity. The more I studied and knew about the human body, the more I believed that the only way to truly and comprehensively understand human wellbeing and health must include nurturing the mind within the vessel – and that our power to transform our health and lives truly lies within. If you feel that something is holding you back and you feel ready to explore the world within yourself, then let’s work together in an emotionally safe, reflective, and confidential space to identify what lies underneath the surface – let’s explore the most important questions in your life, whatever they might be at this moment. Come as you are. Unleash your power within – by being your best, authentic, true self."


Big life transitions

Dealing with burnout

Building self confidence

Schedule session with Shrihari


Tech Entrepreneur and Mentor


My work and life have taught me some valuable lessons, but perhaps the most important one is that no matter what stage you’re at, it’s always worth learning new skills and improving upon them.

This is what has kept me going, and I hope to help others by mentoring and sharing my experiences to build a better future for all.


My entrepreneurial experience

Have close to 20 years of building products and innovative solutions for enterprises and consumers in startup eco system. Successfully helped build startups, raise angel and series rounds and exit/flip business. 

Reach out to me for

Navigating changes in personal and professional life

Learning and growing constantly in career

Building a career and mindset in tech

I can share how I conquered

Building ventures in multiple countries

Managing family as an entrepreneur

Stress related to fundraise

Schedule session with Vaishali Sachdeva

Vaishali Sachdeva


Vaishali Sachdeva is a clinical psychology doctoral candidate at the Wright Institute in California. She also holds a Masters in Psychology from Harvard University. She transitioned into the Mental Health field after struggling with clinical depression and anxiety, and experiencing the lack of awareness and stigma around mental health. Vaishali shares her journey, coping tools and resources for those struggling on her Instagram page @Mind.and.Me

Schedule session with Kavita Satwalekar

Kavita Satwalekar

Leadership Coach, Wellbeing Expert


I enable my clients to show up as the best versions of themselves; the versions they always knew they were. I am passionate about enabling leaders to win through the noise, embody their strengths and authentically shine. I embody my tagline of Inner Sense with Kavita by empowering my clients to make sense of their inner worlds, thus enabling them to lead from within.


I am a certified coach, an author, a podcast host, and a consultant. I have to combine fourteen years of vast corporate experience in executive coaching and organizational development, with my love for helping leaders find success and harmony in everyday life. I not only help my clients shine the spotlight on their leadership but also ensure that trickles down to their teams in ways that enable the entire team to shine. I have a bachelor's degree in Psychology and a Master's degree in Business Administration (Organizational Development), alongside numerous certifications in group work, life coaching and behavior analysis.


I am a published author (The Rise of SEE-19™ Leadership: See Beyond and Become the Leader You are Born to Be, 2021) and an inspirational speaker on wellbeing, self-leadership and inner sense. I also host a bi-weekly podcast, Inner Sense with Kavita, to inspire you to make sense of your inner world, so you can live consciously and be well.

Schedule session with Dr. Amrita Sen Mukherjee

Dr. Amrita Sen Mukherjee

Wellbeing Expert, Professional Coach, Physician, Founder of Your Wellbeing Doctor


I am a compassionate, kind, human being. My diverse background and experience give me a unique understanding and empathic view, which helps to offer my clients an exemplary service,evidenced by outstanding feedback. I ensures that I create a culture of psychological safety in which my clients feel free to explore and generate curious thought. By using a combination of techniques including solutions focussed coaching, strengths based coaching and positive psychology interventions, I enable clients to connect, grow, thrive, and flourish.

I have been an invited guest on several podcasts, webinars, guest panels and BBC News where I have been able to discuss wellbeing and its importance. I have held several national leadership roles and am an active advocate for peers, currently holding Co-Chairship of a national doctors group.

I contribute my experience to volunteering. Most recently I founded a successful wellbeing scheme for a local hospital during the Covid-19 pandemic which gained increasing popularity and national attention. I was presented award for recognition of my service during the pandemic from the University of East London and the Royal College of General Practitioners.


Work-life balance

Big life transitions

Identity, Values, Meaning and Purpose

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